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Links of the Week 26 June 2009

Top Five Student Loan Sinkhole This is definitely a lesser version of my own story dealing with student loan debt. A definite watch and a definite share. I do hope the government does something about this problem. Frankly, we could solve a lot of the economic crisis by offering loan forgiveness. I know I would … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 10 April 2009

Links are out a day early in observance of Good Friday. Happy Easter to my Christian friends and Happy Belated Passover to my Jewish friends. Top Five Assert Yourself This is too true, unfortunately, which is why I’m glad I went to a Women’s College where we were taught to be confident and be comfortable … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 13 June 2008

Top Five In No Particular Order Sexism Might Sell But I’m Not Buying It: States Seize Stimulus Checks: Women, Repeat This: Don’t Ask, Don’t Get: Colleges should explain why costs are so high: BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions: Health Worst Food in America: The winner is Outback’s cheese and … Continue reading