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Links of the Week 19 June 2009

Do you Twitter? DNMP Politico is now on Twitter – @dnmppolitico Top Five The Waves Minority Judges Always Make Please share this with anyone who is leaning towards the Sotomayor is a racist for her comments about women and minority judges. Iran Election Is Obama’s First Foreign Policy Test–And He’s Failing Palin vs Biden 2016 … Continue reading

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2008 US Presidental Election Top Ten

Here is my Top 10 ok 11 videos from the 2008 election. Yes, mostly Obama videos but a few things appear from the other candidates, I was a fan of Mike Huckabee’s videos even if I did not agree with a majority of his policies. 1. We Are The Ones by 2.”They Said He … Continue reading

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When You Are So Used to the Status Quo That You Don’t Know What To Do

Author’s Note: So this is a post that I actually wrote around June 10th right after the Democratic Primary Season ended. Please keep this in mind as you read. June 10, 2008 Last week marked an historic moment in U.S. history – for the first time a Black man cinched a major party nomination for … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 11 July 2008

Top Five In No Particular Order Does EMILY’s List Still Matter?: An Ideal Husband To Trust and Cherish: Rules to Love By This is a series of responses to the ‘An Ideal Husband’ article To Buy or Not to Buy? Is There Really a Question? She’s just not that into you … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 27 June 2008

Top Five In No Particular Order The Democrats’ Lieberman Problem:,8599,1817122,00.html Joe Lieberman Must Go: US fears of teen ‘pregnancy pact’: See its stuff like this that had me refuse to see Juno – these girls think it’s cute to be havin kids. Well its not. Why Black Women Love R. Kelly: reading

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Links of the Week 13 June 2008

Top Five In No Particular Order Sexism Might Sell But I’m Not Buying It: States Seize Stimulus Checks: Women, Repeat This: Don’t Ask, Don’t Get: Colleges should explain why costs are so high: BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions: Health Worst Food in America: The winner is Outback’s cheese and … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 6 June 2008

Top Five In No Particular Order Rise of The Latin Africans: For Black Americans Obama Expands a Dream: Dr. Jeanne Meadows, Professor at Spelman College is interviewed during this video. Gun T-Shirt ‘was security risk’: Seriously?!?!? Noting But Nets Campaign Grows in Popularity: A donation of $10 gives a mosquito net … Continue reading