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Links of the Week 28 August 2009

Top Five OFA Blog: Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy Rest in Peace Senator Kennedy! Thank you SO MUCH for your years/decades of hard work. This clip is from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. I was so moved by him during that week. I wish I would have paid more attention to his work and commitments sooner. … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 10 October 2008

Top Five (In No Particular Order) SNL Biden/Palin Opener I don’t know about Scranton but Wilmington is a fine place to grow up. Ok so I grew up in Newark but still 🙂 Bill Maher Takes On Palin’s Debate Performance I’m surprised that no one is talking about the fact that if all Republican males … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 26 September 2008

Top Five (In Order) This service of the St. Petersburg Times and CQ is my new favorite political website. You can go and factcheck things that both Presidential and Vice Presidental candidates have said and see the sources of the factcheck. Politics of the Plate: “Natural” Lies The best thing you can do is … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 19 September 2008

Top Five Feminists for Obama Gear Click here to buy clothes that state you are a Feminist for Obama and the proceeds will go to the campaign. John McCain on the View This is a link to part 1 of 3. Morsbags – Make Your Own Reusable Bag Make reusable bags and hand them out … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 12 September 2008

Top Five (in no particular order) Foreign Policy Association Election Guide Vote to give your opinion on key foreign policy issues for the next administration. See how the candidates feel on international issues such as the War in Iraq, China and Russia and more. Brady’s injury a huge blow to many fantasy teams If Obama … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 5 September 2008

Top Five Partial List of Republican Women More Qualified to be President Than Sarah Palin Together We Can – Help Victims of Hurricane Gustav Through this link you can choose what state and what organization you would like to give to to help those affected by this storm. If Barack Obama’s Wright, Sarah Palin’s Wrong … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 25 July 2008

Top Five In No Particular Order Black. Female. Accomplished. Attacked. Sisterhood Turns 100: The True Cost of the 100-Calorie Snack Pack Why Vegan Is The New Atkins Tell Me Again, Why Is Obama Being Popular With Our Allies a Bad Thing? New York Times Rejects McCain Rebuttal To Obama Op-Ed … Continue reading