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Links of the Week 21 August 2009

Top Five (In Order) Pride and Peril: Historically Black Colleges and Universities Why Black Colleges Might Be the Best Bargains The Women’s Crusade I admit that I have not finished reading this article, its a NYTimes Magazine article so its long. But it is a must read as it discusses the conflict of this century … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 31 July 2009

Top Five Crude: A Joe Berlinger Film This is a film about Big Oil’s exploitation of indigenous people in South America. I actually did a project about this issue a few years back. Click the link below to learn more and find out where the movie is playing. Click below to watch the film trailer. … Continue reading

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GritTV: The Iranian Elections, Kucinich vs. Bank of America, and The Stoning of Soraya M.

I first encountered GritTV with Laura Flanders after following a link from one of the show’s recent guests. I have to say I really enjoy this program and it is part of my move as a news consumer to move beyond mainstream media to independent and/or public media. To date I find that independent media … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 29 May 2009

Top Five 2009 Spelman Fulbrighters Both Spelman and my Fulbright changed my life…😀 A fair balance for consumers on credit card reform An op-ed by Senator Tom Carper (D-DE). Do Women Dare Play in the Leadership Sandbox? Book Review of Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe’s new book Follow Her Lead. Get Better Together Rolle dreams big, works … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 10 April 2009

Links are out a day early in observance of Good Friday. Happy Easter to my Christian friends and Happy Belated Passover to my Jewish friends. Top Five Assert Yourself This is too true, unfortunately, which is why I’m glad I went to a Women’s College where we were taught to be confident and be comfortable … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 3 April 2009

Top Five The Class Photo It is nice to see obvious diversity, gender and race, at the G-20 but we still have a ways to go. Besides the Queen, love her, is only symbolic leadership. Men struggling to finish at Black Colleges This really pains me but I am excited about some of the initiatives … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 27 March 2009

Top Five For Women’s History Month, the First Lady Enlists VIPs to Inspire Students Words can’t express how much I love that the First Lady is doing this! Lesbians Being Targeted for Corrective Rape in South Africa Whether you believe in homosexuality or not. There is still NO excuse to violate a woman or any … Continue reading