The Double-Latte Project

Designed by Suzanne Hu

The Double-Latte Project is a personal philanthropy initiative that focuses on giving small donations to great organizations. This project reflects my desire to give back and was more recently influenced by the small fundraising momentum seen in the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign as well as Pundit Mom’s $27 Electoral Revolution. Before I delve deeper into why I decided to launch the Double-Latte Project, here is a description on how the project will work:

Each month I will choose a different organization and encourage readers to donate $10.10. Each year I will select three large areas to focus which organizations I will choose to focus my small contributions for the year; for 2011 the three major areas are (1) women and politics, (2) public and independent media and (3) people in my network with non-profits or NGOs. Throughout the year, I will rotate between the three large areas so that each quarter The Double-Latte Project will profile one organization in each of the major areas for the year.

Why the Double-Latte Project?

In the last five to six years, I have been exposed to numerous organizations with fantastic missions working on various issues of importance to me. However, during this time due to my status as a young professional and graduate student, I have not been in a financial position to give to these organizations as I would have liked; nor had the time to donate via volunteering my time and resources. Though my financial position has not shifted much, as I am still a graduate student, I have decided to begin to give small donations to organizations that I have benefited from or reflect issues of importance to me. Furthermore, while I cannot give the large donations that I want to give I figure that if I can share my giving to the readers of this blog that it will help promote these organizations as well as encourage others to give donations as well. My aim is that through blogging my giving, I can help make a difference in moving the missions of great organizations forward – the essence of the Double-Latte Project. Finally, this project allows me to make some type of contribution as I continue to work on my doctoral degree; it has been very difficult for me to focus on my studies over “getting my hands dirty” by working with organizations and movements on the grassroots level. This is my way to do something while keeping my temporary main thing i.e. graduate school the main thing.

Double-Latte Focus Areas

2012 – Women and Girls, People of Color and 2012 Election – Women of Color Candidates

2011 – Women and Politics, Public and Independent Media and People in DNMP Politico’s Network


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